3 Benefits of Using Social Media and Google Map Marketing on Your Website

3 Benefits of Using Social Media and Google Map Marketing on Your Website

Posted on October 15, 2013 


Fact: Social media is used by millions of people each and every day and it is constantly growing in popularity; companies can use it to gain more clients and customers than ever before.

Fact: Social Search, although only a slightly new technique, is becoming a technique that is used more and more by people who like to tell their friends and family about their experiences with companies

With the Internet becoming the biggest avenue for companies to advertise their businesses, many have had to come up with other ways to catch new web traffics’ attention when they are searching for business websites. While some techniques work for a little while there are others that are available to businesses that have a long term effect and can help companies grow on an everyday basis.

Using Seattle Marketing Agency and Social Media to Gain Reoccurring Customers

Social media, although it is simple, has become the biggest way that people buy the products and services that they need on a daily basis. How you may ask? If you look at Facebook you will see that it constantly has ads featured on the sides of the Facebook pages. Let’s say something catches your eye and you click on that ad; it takes you not only to that company but to the product that you want without having to search that company’s website.

Not only will that specific company; likely get a sale from you but you are going to tell all of your friends and family about your purchase. By doing that you create not only a positive feedback about the company, but your friends that shop there will also have a positive experience, and in the end the company will more than likely be gaining multiple customers that are going to keep coming back over and over

Google Map Marketing to Increase Your Local Web Traffic and Sales

With the way that the internet has taken our world by storm and has made it so much easier to do things in the comfort of our own homes, there is now another process that has changed the way that we can not only shop the world online, but also do our local shopping. So you know that little shop that is in town that you have always wanted to shop at online? Well now you can do that through Google Map Marketing.

Google Map Marketing makes searching for things so much easier by literally only showing you certain places that you are looking for.  Using your specification of the radius that you want to use, they can actually give you the shops and companies that offer the products and services that you are looking for.

Increasing Your Local Sales Right Away

Just by using these simple techniques and talking with one of our specialists you will find that not only will your website traffic double, if not triple, in just a few weeks; but that your local sales will increase as your popularity with the customers in your area grows.


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