5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Mobile SEO in 2014

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Mobile SEO in 2014

Posted on February 7, 2014 

SEO Seattle More consumers are using their smartphones to access information on the internet. Therefore, for a business to truly be successful in today’s vast internet landscape, it must incorporate adequate mobile SEO tactics. Many businesses are unaware of the importance of mobile SEO, which means that you can get ahead of the competition in 2014 by prepping your website with the necessary mobile SEO strategies. Here are five mobile SEO tips for your business:

Focus on Google-Ready Pages – Google is at the forefront of the mobile trend and has published some guidelines for those using mobile SEO. Google wants to ensure that mobile-capable web pages are not only dependable, but accurate as well. Two primary things Google wants to avoid are error pages and improper re-directs.

Ensure Your Site is Optimized Correctly – There are several different mobile optimization options including responsive web design, which utilizes the same code for both desktops and mobiles but ensures that the content is properly viewed on each device, adaptive web design, which detects the device being used and sends a mobile-optimized website, and dedicated mobile site, which means two different codes for the desktop and the mobile version of your website.

Knowing Your Audience is Key – Just as with regular online SEO, mobile SEO requires that you know your audience and use that information to your advantage. For example, mobile users don’t want to rear large blocks of text nor do they want to have to constantly zoom in and out to view the content on your page.

Keep It Local – Local is key to mobile SEO because mobile users are interested in right here, right now.

Speed is Essential – No one wants to sit and wait on their mobile phone for a website to take minutes to load. Your website should load in mere seconds. Take the necessary steps to ensure it loads quickly because Google will look for this when ranking your mobile site and visitors will most definitely find it a necessity.

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