Car Dealer Website Design in Snohomish

Car Dealer Website Design in Snohomish

Posted on June 12, 2018 

Website Design in Snohomish

All business owners know the value of well-crafted website design in Snohomish. Car dealers, in particular, must pay particular attention to not only drawing viewers but converting them into customers who will buy an auto. There is a small number of individuals who actually phone the dealership or fill out contact forms. However, there may be thousands of online users who click on your site. These are the people you need to persuade.

There are 5 goals for Google analytics that should be set up on your site that do not depend on phone calls or submission forms. You can easily measure the effectiveness of this marketing strategy and adjust your tactics accordingly.

  • Keeping viewers on your website increases the chances that they will visit your car lot. Monitoring the amount of time on site per session can help you develop goals for those who remain on site longer than a typical user.
  • Optimize and keep an eye on the web page that provides your business hours and directions to your dealership. Tracking viewers who visit this page can be helpful to gauge consumer interest.
  • Online users who view more than 6 or 7 pages of your site should be monitored, as this demonstrates more than a casual interest in car buying.
  • Viewers who look at your review and staff pages are often deciding whether or not they want to work with you. Known as social validation, your goal should be to track these people.
  • In addition to promoting your trade-in page throughout your website, track the consumers who land on your trade-in page.

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