Effective and SEO Friendly Article Titles

Effective and SEO Friendly Article Titles

Posted on March 5, 2014 

Online Marketing in SeattleIn order for site content to be effective, its important to utilize attention-grabbing, catchy and punchy titles. Your title is what users see in order to determine whether they will read your content or not. You want to create text that will motivate them to click on the article link and read the content.

Ultimately, there are a few things that you need to do when creating effective titles. You need to grab your reader’s attention, reveal what is within the content while still being search-engine friendly. Below is a more detailed explanation of each:

  • Catch  the Eye of Your Reader – Ultimately, the title of your content is your first impression. It must inform the reader why they should click on your link to read the entire text. Encouragement to go beyond the title is key.
  • Reveal What the Text is About – Your title must reveal a little bit about your article. While you want to create a title that is catchy and punchy, it must also adequately reflect the written text. For example, if you provide two or three tips for generating website traffic, you aren’t going to title the post as an “Ultimate Guide.” This only harms your authority as a credible author on the said subject.
  • Be Search-Engine Friendly – You need to remember that you are writing your content for a human reader and not a Google robot. However, you can use keywords that will be profitable for your website while also making it easier for readers to locate the content that they need.

Creating effective, search-engine friendly titles for your content is only as hard as you make it. Take your time to think about what would make you click on the link, and what people will be searching for in order to find it. For additional information, and to learn more about SEO and Online Marketing in Seattle, contact Top Marketing Agency at 206-279-3440.



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