Google Maps Marketing is considered a critical component of every local business growth strategy.

Local business marketing research trends have shown that when consumers are ready to make a new purchase, well over 1/2 of all consumers start their search for local businesses on the internet. Since 2007, Google had exceeded ALL other mediums as the most common way a person searches for companies and services. An estimated 80% of all searches are done on Google and that the majority of consumers choose Organic results on the first page of Google when they conduct a search.

Penn State research shows that 95% of all Google users never click past the first page of the Google results, and that over 70% of consumers prefer the Organic (Non Paid) search engine results. In fact, only about 15% of users trust the Sponsored Links/pay-per-click ads. Higher organic search rankings prove to be cheaper and more effective than any other form of advertising for local businesses online.

Businesses know that putting themselves on “the map” is more relevant than ever in today’s local business market. Consumers are using the internet over 50 percent of the time to find local businesses that are offering the products they want. Over 80 percent of internet users choose the services that they find on the 1st pages of Google. It is more important than ever to have your ranking high on Google pages.

Another interesting research result is that consumers prefer to use the organic websites over the paid advertisement websites that appear on their Google search results. If you want to have success for your local business you want to concentrate on having Local Map Listings as one of your business advertisement strategies. Top Marketing Agency can help you get there. We specialize in all aspects of SEO, we are constantly researching what it takes to keep your business on top search engine rankings. With our dedication and experience you will have the upper hand when it comes to successful placement on the internet.

Local Map Listings are feature first when potential clients search for products and businesses on the internet, ahead of Natural Listings and Local Business Listings. Because of the way consumers input keyword search date into their search bar with information such as city and state information Google Maps and Google Places is the place to be on the internet. Google Maps offers the consumer a simple format that includes pertinent contact information about your business including phone numbers, address, and company website. There is also a graphic available that shows exactly where your business is located. Customer reviews are also their for the consumer to read, this is an excellent way for your potential customer to know more about your quality of service and products. Simplifying the research for a busy consumer is all important.

Google offers a free information number for consumers to call as well, all information available is listed in the same order as it is listed on the search engine results. Your clients can easily find your business from their home computer or almost any mobile device. One of the most important aspects of a growing business must be to create as much information for their clients with the least amount of effort or the client will move on.

If you want to increase your traffic for your business both on the internet and at your physical location you need to use some key advertising techniques. Have excellent keyword optimization, be present on local and business listings, and create a Google Map profile for your business. Pay close attention to identifying your business in the correct category that will bring you the most traffic and defines your business correctly and you will see a dramatic increase in your web traffic. You can have up to 5 categories under your profile, try to be specific in location and service when choosing.

At Top Marketing Agency we strive to give you the information you need to grow your business, check out our video that gives suggestions on how to make your business presence even strong by doing a few simple thin

Not only does Google’s free 411 service list its map listings in the exact order it displays in its online map section, it displays them in most prominent search positions in PDA’s, Smart phones, Iphones, etc.

Once you claim your Google Maps Profile (Go to the Google Local Business Center) you have the freedom to do lots of customization, including customizing the very important “category” listings, which Google relies very heavily upon to determine when to show your profile. You must choose one category suggested by Google, but are free to add up to four more that can contain city names as part of the category. In my opinion, Seattle plumber is a much stronger local category than just plumber.


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