How to Improve SEO in 2018

How to Improve SEO in 2018

Posted on March 9, 2018 

SEO in Mukilteo

SEO in Mukilteo has remained one of the top ways to increase your internet presence and make viewers aware of your brand. In 2018, voice search and long-tail keywords are becoming more popular as search engines tailor to user experience. New algorithms are also being launched, requiring that you once again re-evaluate your SEO strategy and make changes to your website so you can continue to get results. Your competition will always keep you on your toes, because they are likely also evolving their SEO strategy to be able to compete on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO, and digital marketing in general, require constant attention and changes to stay relevant. SEO is not an element of marketing that you can set up at the launch of your website and then hope to keep getting results.

If you are curious how you can sharpen your SEO, there are several strategies that you can employ to make certain that your website stays at the forefront of online searches:

  • Search engines must be able to find your site easily and quickly. This is accomplished via valid internal links, logical site structure and search boxes.
  • Utilize RSS feeds and XML sitemaps. RSS feeds provide the latest updates on your site, while SML sitemaps gives Google information about all the pages included on your site.
  • Search engines are better able to understand your content if you use Schema markup. This strategy tags objects and people in your content pages.
  • Become a master in surviving Panda, Google’s ranking algorithm, by improving content quality and avoiding duplication of internal content.
  • Maintaining natural backlink profiles ensures that Google’s Penguin filter does not penalize you.
  • Elevate search engine rankings by improving the user experience. This is accomplished with increased website speed, improved click-through rates and engagement, evaluating HTTPs usage and preparing for HTTP/2.
  • Be reachable on all size devices with the same readability. Mobile-friendly sites should be standard rather than just an “extra.”
  • Consider employing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for structuring mobile device web content.
  • Take advantage of social interaction, as search engines look favorably on a solid social media presence.
  • Take stock of your current SEO plan and revise as necessary.

If this list seems extensive, it is. There are more than 200 factors that affect your ability to rank high on search results – and those factors and growing and evolving each day. Rather than tackling all this essential information yourself, hire a pro to implement it for you. Top Marketing Agency specialists are equipped and ready to make SEO in Mukilteo work for you. Call us today at (206) 279-3440.


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