Keyword Research and PPC Marketing in Lake Stevens

Keyword Research and PPC Marketing in Lake Stevens

Posted on May 30, 2018 

PPC Marketing in Lake Stevens

The importance of appropriate keywords in PPC marketing in Lake Stevens cannot be overstated. Without the right keywords, your marketing campaign will not be successful. The use of a proven keyword tool or keyword generator is certainly helpful, but it is necessary to expand the list for the best long-tail keywords.

A pay-per-click keyword tool can quickly streamline your search for the most sought-after keywords and offer additional information like level of competition, approximate keyword costs and search volume. Keywords can be as specific as you wish. It is not necessarily the best idea to bid on the most common keywords, as they are typically the most expensive and most used.

Keywords come in a variety of distinct categories, including:

  • Commercial keywords are less costly and offer high-intent.
  • Brand keywords include the name of your brand. They have low cost and high-quality scores. They usually have high click-through and conversion rates.
  • Long-tail keywords are quite specific, longer phrases that have less competition and lower cost.
  • Competitive keywords do have a place in your PPC ad and should be part of your budget.
  • Low-intent, broad keywords will aid in increasing your brand awareness. Remarketing will increase your conversion rate on these keywords.

Once you have a selection of keywords, you must organize and group them in the most effective way so that you can successfully target your customers, elevate your quality score and reduce costs.

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