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Every 20-30 years there is a disruptive technology that rings in a new era in marketing and advertising. As history has shown, each new technology from print advertising, to radio, to television has been extremely successful in capturing significant market share away from each of its predecessors.

The current New Era of Marketing is…

Targeted Local Search engine optimization (Local SEO)
An unprecedented opportunity faces all businesses again today, especially local businesses. Never before has the local small business owner been able to compete against national corporations on a level playing field with regards to advertising and marketing.

Why isn’t your business growing?

“Advertising does work… not as well as it used to because most advertising efforts are completely untargeted and underperform. They are broad based marketing and marketing to the masses, touching everyone in the same way, regardless of who they are and what they want.”

– Jeff Sherman

The Consumer Shift…

  • Nearly 75% of all consumers are searching for products and services online via Google, Bing, Yahoo and Google Maps.
  • 50% of those who use search engines for shopping are looking for a local retailer of specific products and services
  • All consumers want to know what a business has to offer before establishing communication
  • 30% of your target market can’t be reach through traditional forms of advertising because they have migrated online (they don’t watch TV, listen to Radio, read the Paper or open Direct Mail)

Is your business being found by consumers who use the Internet as their primary resource for Local businesses?

The Top Marketing Agency SEO Solution is not just advertising to everyone and anyone.

Our marketing solutions are:

Content targeted:
Content targeting involves matching not just keywords, cities served and Google Map Marketing that are used in a search query with advertisements, but with matching the actual contents of web pages with search queries. Matching the content of the website the online user initiates their search allows us to focus precisely on the customers that have an interest in your products or services beyond just the keywords being used.

Geo targeted:
Keyword analysis and advertising are focused and targeted only to your desired radius of business be it zip codes, cities, counties, states, and countries tracked by IP addresses. The Marketing Guru’s match the online users IP Address to the designations for your advertising campaign and delivers only customers that match your criteria.

Purchase decision targeted:
We reach the consumer who may not think of you, but is ready to make a purchase decision… will they find you? With The Top Rank Marketing team, you will be there at the point of their purchase decision. Contact us for more information about the Top Marketing Agency Local SEO solutions.


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