Penguin Update Push You Down?

Penguin Update Push You Down?

Posted on August 22, 2012 

When Seattle’ s Google Penguin Update was released, many small and large businesses found that it had a big impact on their results rankings. What’s worse is that these companies often times had spent quite a bit of money with SEO Seattle companies and on SEO projects to ensure they gained the ranks they wanted. However not all SEO firms are the same, after penguin Seattle business owners found that marketing firms that used “black hat” or spammy techniques have left them out to dry. all the money they spent to get to the top is now a loss because these SEO companies used unprofessional techniques that may have paid off in the short term but now are patched out. We provide solutions that won’t go away next year, our services are tailored to Google’s algorithms to ensure we’re working with them, not against them and we won’t be at risk to get patched out.

Lots of websites have now found themselves completely removed from their targeted searches and the income they provided is lingering. Businesses need an organization that works closely with search providers to ensure flawless execution of their SEO strategy so the possibility of falling off the pages you worked so hard to get on won’t be taken away.  Marketing Agency Seattle works with large and small businesses that need to repair their site after the updates, or get started on their first SEO strategy. We have results that hit their targeted search engine ranking pages without using a cheap technique to try to trick search providers. We create valuable websites that earn their spot in the rankings.

The penguin update punished cheap back link strategies hard. Many Seattle businesses who were lured into the idea of thousands upon thousands of cheap back links to help bump their site, or used bots to spot spam links on forums and blogs, now find that all of those links are rendered nearly worthless, and actually possibly hurtful to their rankings in some cases. When you work with us, we won’t post spam on your site, or anyone else’s. We will help build your site up with strong proven back links from reputable sites that will help bring traffic.
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