Reputation Management in Seattle

Reputation Management in Seattle

Posted on February 5, 2015 

Reputation Management in SeattleFor a business, reputation management is often something that’s unpleasant, but essential. Reputation management falls into the realm of public relations. When a business wishes to control or improve the image of the company or brand, they will use a reputation management firm. For Seattle area businesses, Top Marketing Agency provides reputation management in Seattle.

Recently, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a local craft brewer came under fire after the owner made several disparaging remarks on social media after coming in third in a “Best of” competition among local businesses. In retaliation, the community embarked on a campaign to leave negative Facebook and Yelp! reviews, effectively burying every good thing ever said about the brewing company. The fallout will take months of reputation management to repair.

With careful reputation management, this situation never would have happened in the first place. A reputation management company works closely with business owners to craft content, a brand image, and the online voice of the business, to insure that the message that the brand is sending is consistent throughout.

The situation would never have happened if the brewing company was working with a good reputation management company. Now, the company will need to invest a lot of time, and probably a lot of money, in correcting their online reputation. A reputation management company will be able to help with this, too; but fixing something takes a lot more work than maintaining something that was never broken in the first place.

Constant monitoring of a brands online reputation from competitors and customers alike, is extremely important in maintaining the positive online image of any company or brand. A reputation management program can alert customers when a review has been posted, and where that review is located throughout the internet.

Being aware as reviews and information is posted live about your company is extremely beneficial in maintaining a positive brand or business online presence.

If you are concerned about your company’s reputation, it’s essential to work with a reputation management company. Of course, Top Marketing Agency is here to help you in the worst case scenario, but we would rather work with you before a heat of the moment comment lands your company in really hot water. When you’re looking for reputation management in Seattle, call Top Marketing Agency and speak to a professional at (206) 279-3440.



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