Responsive Web Design for Every Device

Responsive Web Design for Every Device

Posted on January 9, 2017 

Responsive Website design MukilteoResponsive web design is a marketing term that simply means that a website is compatible with the device on which it is used no matter what its size. In other words, the website conveniently adjusts to the size of the device screen for easier readability wherever you are. This allows users of a mobile device, desktop computer or a laptop the same experience even though the devices are of different dimensions. Conversely, mobile apps are designed just for smaller screens like those on tablets and mobile phones and require separate programming techniques.

Text, images and graphics are automatically adjusted according to the size of the device, without compromising visibility and viewer access. Customers see the same pages of your website regardless of whether it is a tablet or mobile.

Responsive web designs are made to be user friendly and can be accomplished with a single URL. They are quite affordable to initiate and since the content is the same on every device, this saves valuable time in the design department. Marketing is accomplished on a standard basis and the newest techniques in technology are utilized. Responsive websites are preferred by customers as their personal data is not shared with the company. Programming issues are tackled only by the programmer, without inconveniencing the customer.

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