Utilizing Color Theory in Website Design in Snohomish

Utilizing Color Theory in Website Design in Snohomish

Posted on October 5, 2016 

Utilizing Color Theory in Website Design in SnohomishOur eyes are naturally drawn to color and pleasing color combinations. This can play an integral part of an attractive website design in Snohomish and can be key in drawing more viewers and potential conversions.

Color Theory is the interaction of colors through vibrancy, complementation and contrast. Vibrancy refers to the feelings that colors and design employ. Bright colors promote energy and are excellent for advertising products, while darker shades are more relaxing.

Complementation is the relationship of colors with other colors. Balancing colors from opposite ends of the spectrum is appealing to the eye and adds sophistication to a web page.

Contrast focuses the viewer’s attention by separating components on the page and reduces strain to the eyes. This is evident in well-chosen background color and text color. A reader’s attention can be drawn to particular page components with a variety of contrasting colors.

A triadic color scheme is made up of 3 separate colors of the color spectrum and is achieved by drawing an equilateral triangle on the color wheel. The 3 points of the triangle are your triadic color scheme for your web page. A compound or split complimentary color scheme is comprised of 2 related colors on opposite ends of the color spectrum. An analogous color scheme is a specific selection of colors within the same area of the color spectrum.

It is evident that there is much more to a website design in Snohomish than simply choosing colors that you like. Call Top Marketing Agency at (206)279-3440 to learn how color theory can benefit your website.




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