What is involved in website design in Seattle?

What is involved in website design in Seattle?

Posted on July 22, 2015 

How often have you scrolled the internet and passed by websites that appear dull and boring? Probably more often than you would think. However, an eye-catching website design in Seattle is only a very small portion of what brings more customers and more revenue to your business.

What is involved in website design in Seattle?

Website design has numerous components that complement each other and work together to create the best possible scenario for not only drawing viewers, but converting them into buyers. Experienced online marketing professionals utilize a comprehensive approach to web design that typically includes:

  1. Search engine optimization or SEO to bring your site to the forefront of search engines for more visibility.
  2. Social media marketing (SMM) through the most popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, among others.
  3. Seamless website design that covers links, coding and interfacing.
  4. Advantageous pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that is quite affordable and effective.
  5. Content development that is interesting, relevant and timely.
  6. Google Maps and local SEO to draw customers within your region.
  7. Landing page optimization.
  8. SEO link building techniques.
  9. Consistent reputation management to ensure that the benefits to using your company’s services or purchasing your products is highlighted in a positive light.
  10. Analysis of the competition and your target audience.

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