What’s New with Website Design in Lynnwood in 2018

What’s New with Website Design in Lynnwood in 2018

Posted on March 27, 2018 

Website Design in Lynnwood

With so much competition within any given industry, your business needs to stand out to be more profitable. It is more important than ever before to have an engaging and eye-catching website that interests potential customers and encourages them to browse your site to learn more about you. There are quite a few trends that have appeared since the beginning of the year that bode well for creative website design in Lynnwood.

Ask your marketing agent about these latest inclinations and if they would be appropriate for your business:

  • Appropriately placed animation aids in helping viewers to understand a concept quickly and easily in a dynamic way.
  • Bold color schemes offer striking contrasts and energizing experiences for viewers.
  • Extending typefaces beyond the standard Helvetica, while ensuring that all type is legible, provides more interest. Mixing serif and sans-serif fonts offers unique user involvement.
  • Storytelling via varied data integration is becoming more popular. Appealing to differing audiences with clever use of color and typeface, in addition to animation, can significantly increase viewership.
  • Calibrating distinctive design tools can be challenging for marketers but the newest technology can aid in creating websites that “pop” and bring increased viewership.
  • Carefully including shadows and color gradients make for smoother transitions and better functionality.
  • Use of illustrations in varying sizes and styles can get a point across more easily than a standard chart or photo.
  • Artificial intelligence is becoming more accepted and is evidenced through use of chatbots on sites like Amazon, Google Home and Siri.
  • Less boxy and more asymmetric layouts are becoming the norm.
  • Focusing on mobile device users.
  • Developing a greater ecommerce platform.

While use of all these strategies in your website design in Lynnwood is certainly not a necessity, the professionals at Top Marketing Agency can strategically incorporate at least a few to make your business stand out among others in your market. Call us at (206) 279-3440 for a consultation.


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