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At the Top Marketing Agency, we are dedicated to getting you more quality website traffic and top SEO rankings on the Search Engines.

When Google popularized the basic concept of ranking a site based on the links coming to the site, the logic was that the most deserving site would have the highest quality links. Essentially, any site can be optimized for a particular keyword phrase, but unless other sites validated this page by linking to it, it will not rank highly in the results. This obviously led Internet marketers to question how they could improve their link popularity through different methods.

The answer was the same as advertising, sponsorships, and other public relations work accomplished this in the ‘brick & mortar’ world.


Getting your website to rank on the front pages of the popular search engines like Google is not just a simple as keyword optimization any more. Google now ranks websites based on linking as well as keywords.  Top Marketing Agency understands the science of achieving top ranking placement for a website. We call it a science because each company website will need different types of keywords and quality links in order to become a successful ranking site.

We can build your website using your budget. We can take the budget that you have for your web advertising and help you get the most out of your website. Web linking is one of the most important factors in advertising today, let us provide quality linking services for you.

We begin the process by researching your 10 biggest competitors and closely examine their back linking and check the most effective keyword phrases for your business website. Once we have completed our research we will go over our results with you. We want to keep you involved every step of the way.

The next step will include many of the following

  • We will get you listed in the many online directories that exist on the major search engines and that are tied to your particular industry


  • We will be sure that your site is linked to any parent companies or subsidiaries that you may be affiliated with


  • Find sites that would love to link up and share internet traffic with you


  • Use social networking such as Blogs and Forums. This process is one of the most utilized link building techniques including Blog directories.


  • Contacting sites that market to the same type of clients as you but only sell complimentary items or items that the same market group will be interested in


  • Use banners, advertisements, press releases, and among other techniques that will get your website the right links and moving your site up to top rankings for your industry


Once we have done the science of getting you page where you want it, on top of the rankings, then we begin the next phase of our plan. We begin the actual linking process. Of course it would be great if we could link you to any site just because we think it is a good idea. But that isn’t how it always works, it is possible to get site linking for no cost but ordinarily links are purchased or exchanged. The linking process happens over time, usually about 6 months. Google frowns upon rapid linking and can offer a penalty for to many links to quickly.

There is free linking available, but your success will come from paid links and advertising. Search engines and online directories give top spots to paid advertisers. Before any paid advertising is undertaken we will examine the benefit to your business thoroughly before suggesting this.

We will find out how beneficial advertising on a particular site will be, and find the correct balance for your business website linking. We also understand that Google tends to penalize some sites that sell links by putting them low on page rankings. We will protect you from getting caught up in linking webs that will never benefit you, and make your site appear to be unprofessional.

As you can see sight optimization is a technical field that takes time and experience. Let  Top Marketing Agency help you get the top rankings you want on a budget you can afford.


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With over 20 years combined Internet marketing experience, Top Marketing Agency offers a proven system that will yield your business the best Internet marketing results. Our cost effective approach to Internet marketing helps businesses increase leads, conversions and profits.

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