99.5% of press releases and articles aren’t optimized for the Web, according to a recent DMNews article. So what is the secret to being one of the .5%?

As the nature of the media has evolved, so has the public relations industry. In today’s world press releases and articles are part of an integrated marketing and sales strategy. Once dedicated solely to the media, professionals are tasked with incorporating Search Engine Optimization techniques into their writing style.

Consumers and journalists are increasingly going online to find news and information about products and services. As online press release and article distribution has become more common to reach these multiple audiences these content must evolve in order to remain relevant, interesting and profitable.

Search Engine Optimization is designed to help your news stand out amid all of the cyber clutter and increase your online presence. By incorporating a few simple techniques, press releases will become a powerful tool to help make certain that your news is visible to search engines and easily accessible to the consumers and journalists who are actively searching for it. Please visit our Search Engine Optimization page for more information about it.


With so many eyes on the Internet every day looking for information, public relations can help you leverage that power to directly reach your potential buyers. The effect of a successful PR campaign on the company can be seen in the impact on both awareness and sales. The right PR campaign results not only in publicity for the company but also supports all the organization’s marketing efforts to drive potential buyers back to your website and create new sales opportunities.

What benefits bring Optimized PR and articles?
Optimized press releases and articles rank higher in search results and have longer life spans on the Web. When relevant keywords are incorporated in the correct frequency and placement throughout the text, consumers and journalists are able to immediately retrieve your news and information based on their keyword searches.


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