Pay Per Click (PPC) PACKAGES

Looking for a Pay Per Click (PPC) package? Also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PPC can be a great way to get to the top a keyword quickly and effectively. There’s no single size-fits-all PPC plan – almost all businesses have specific needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to roll out a national product or service or looking to dominate your local market, PPC is a great tool to get more impressions, website traffic and leads to your business.

Top Marketing Agnecy offers affordable PPC plans which are customized for your specific individual or business dedication and competition level. If you are new to internet marketing and want to see how well it will do for your business, we suggest the Starter PPC Package. Whether you are looking for a starter package or are looking for a national internet presence we can customize a PPC package to fit your specific business goals and objectives.

Take the lead to ensure that your business dominates your market. And take advantage of the millions of potential customers that use the internet to find a business to fulfill their needs. With a customized PPC package you can make sure that when customers are looking for your products or services in the area that you serve, that your business is an option in front of this vast ready to buy audience. All of the Top Marketing Agency’s PPC packages are designed to cover specific needs and goals of our clients. With many different packages available, you can feel confident that whichever package you choose, it will deliver transparent results and the expected results.

Increase Your Website Traffic Immediately

Contact our PPC Team if you would like a professional internet consultant to manage your Pay Per Click campaigns using a PPC Package below.

Pay Per Click Advertising Package Options

Search Engine Optimization
Multiple Ad Providers
Website Analytics
Single Campaign
Single Campaign Setup
Keyword Research

Total Cost of PPC Ads

Our PPC Packages are flexible and transparent. All of our PPC packages require monthly recurring payments to manage the ads.

We allow you to manage your PPC campaign on a one time trial or a monthly, quarterly or yearly program. So what you spend it truly entirely up to you! We also provide strategic guidance in selecting the best keyword terms based on the numbers of searches, the amount of competition and the overall cost per click of any given PPC search term. Our PPC Packages include all optimization and management of your PPC Package with Certified PPC managers to ensure the best ROI for your company.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Packages

The benefits of a properly optimized Pay Per Click package outweigh the costs, which is why millions of companies choose to utilize the PPC services available on the major search engines. Our PPC Packages are easly measurable, with transparent tracking, analytics, which yields a great ROI for your business!


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