PPC Marketing in Seattle

PPC Marketing in Seattle

Posted on March 21, 2014 

PPC Marketing in SeattlePay-per-click marketing is a form of internet advertising which displays your ads on the web when customers search on topics related to your advertised services. Also known as keyword advertising, these ads are displayed only when a search engine user types in a search request using your chosen keywords. You would pay for the ad only when a customer clicks on the ad to visit your web site.  As you pay only for each click; thus, this type of ad is called pay-per-click or cost-per-click.

PPC marketing strategies are more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods as you only pay when a web surfer clicks on your advertisement. This almost guarantees that your ad money is wisely spent and managed as the ad costs you something only when it delivers an interested customer to your site. Best of all, there are usually no up-front agency or program fees to participate in these PPC search engine marketing services—you pay only “per click” at prices you can determine (and limit) up front.

You are much more in control than you ever were with traditional advertising. You can limit the display of your ads to Web surfers who type in specific search terms that you choose, and you can precisely control how much you spend each day, the number of visitors you attract, the web pages to which those visitors are delivered, the geographical area in which your ads are displayed,  and even the time of day you want your campaigns to run.

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