Use Facebook for Social Media Marketing in Snohomish

Use Facebook for Social Media Marketing in Snohomish

Posted on April 18, 2017 

Facebook continues to reign supreme as the most popular of numerous social media sites. However, it is beneficial for more than just connecting and sharing online. Utilizing this integrative social media forum is an excellent way to take advantage of social media marketing in Snohomish for your business, as it will increase your brand awareness, extend your reach and keep customers up-to-date.

Your Facebook business page is a free way to market your company. You can not only list your products or services, but also share images, links and posts on your own customizable page. Expressing your business “personality” with humor always draws attention.

You may also opt to advertise with Marketplace Ads that contain a headline, a click-through link and an image. Features include demographic targeting, ad testing and measurement tools.

A contest, promotion or sweepstakes are other options to market through Facebook. While Facebook does not permit these events to be hosted through their site but you can use a 3rd-party application for creating the event. Participants can be directed to the app on the FB page.

Page owners can also create a promoted post or posts for advertising purposes that is viewed on a user’s news feed. A flat rate is paid to reach a specific number of users.

Sponsored stories are a unique Facebook ad that displays a user’s relations with their friends. If several of a person’s friends like a particular page, it is more likely to be noticed and clicked on.

Facebook Open Graph allows a business to tag a user’s action with their app. Spotify and Facebook games are excellent examples of this type of ad.

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