Website Design Do’s and Don’ts

Website Design Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on August 27, 2014 

website design in SeattleWhen designing a website, the layout is essential. Your businesses website design can make or break your company success, and it is key in order to increase conversions, that your site is easy to navigate. When seeking website design in Seattle, always make sure to work with a company who can offer suggestions and professional guidance on what features and information is best based on industry standards, to incorporate into your internet marketing strategies.

One priority in good website design is to provide visitors with easy to find answers and information that they may be looking for. Today, consumers expect fast response times, and easy access to information, without having to search for it.

Most people lose patience with sites that are slow to download or present confusing interfaces, regardless of how attractive the sites might be from an artistic perspective. An artistically appealing website is not necessarily an effective website.

  •  Ideally your website should possess the following in order to increase consumer conversions:
  • Do not force users to register for your site. Your site should be easy to access to encourage visits.
  • Include strong call to action to direct people to the information you want them to see.
  • Create an e-mail newsletter so people can follow along with your company news and information.
  • Label navigation links in a clear and consumer-friendly way.
  • Minimize the steps needed to use your site.
  • Encourage consumer feedback and give personal, prompt responses.
  • Articulate a clear, compelling promise to consumers.

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